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At Made-U-Smile, LLC, we truly are changing the face of patient care one smile at a time. We are bringing some sunshine to the dental and medical exams and giving the patient something to smile about.

When was the last time that you put yourself in your patient’s shoes and tried to look through their eyes at what they see when they come to you and your staff for medical care? Your patient is already nervous about being in your office or the treatment chair without having to stare at the cold, faceless mask during their exam. How about providing some levity?

How about helping to take the edge off your patient’s fears? How about truly putting a smile on their face and showing that there is a personality behind the mask?

We’re putting a human touch to the cold face of medical care. We know that when you first saw our masks, you giggled yourself. Beyond excellent medical care, isn’t the patient experience just as important?


Made-U-Smile offers bulk order discounts and scheduled deliveries based on your specific needs. Please contact us to order bulk orders or to schedule deliveries to your business.