About Us

Our industry background surrounds these products. With many years of experience in the world of medical and dental disposable products, wholesale distribution, and customized printing, we had all of the history to create a world-class set of new products but just didn’t know specifically what it would be.

I was literally in my dentist’s office, lying in the chair having my teeth cleaned and staring up at a pair of eyes. No face, just a set of eyes…(that was my impression) staring over the top of a dental mask. No nice smile to focus on, no compassionate face, just a set of eyes. Blood-shot eyes! I laid there thinking how funny it would be to draw a big smile on that mask she was wearing just to crack myself up…hey, that’s funny. How about putting a moustache on her? Funnier! It made ME smile just visualizing such an image so I started to imagine how to bring the dream to fruition.

Here we are, way down the road and our image has become reality. We knew that we had a home run by the responses we received from every office that purchased them. “Smiles on patients!” “ A light-hearted approach to easing a patient’s chair-stress.” “ What a difference to KIDS as a way to take the edge off. “

We have produced a great product and hope that you and your staff will give it a try. There aren’t many significant changes going on in patient care today and this one is cheap and easy. A happy patient will refer others.
We want to thank you for your patronage and please don’t hesitate to let us know how to improve our products and services to you.

Watch for more designs and products soon!

Jodi & Jack Farris
Made-U-Smile, LLC